Plant Inspiration follows and hash tags


I often get asked where I find the inspiration for my products and my space. I spend a LOT of time looking at pictures. Images help me think. If I get stuck with an idea then I very often put together a few images that help me create a mood. I find it gives me an easy way of saying 'yeah ok, that feels right (or not)' Then I go away and think about what's right for me. 

My Instagram saves keep growing so I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourites. I've got a list as long as your arm so I'm going to divide and conquer, and I'm starting with plants and greenery.

Plants are a big part my life and my home is pretty jungly. I propagate and divide when I can so it's ever increasing. Growing steadily.  I try to seek out interesting and quirky ones (funny looking cacti and straggly vine-like hanging ones are favourites). Finding the right pots is an ongoing project; vintage ones, studio pottery...I find them, buy then, sell them (or keep them). 

And it's a family affair. There's nothing sweeter than my 6 year old son insisting on sitting in the 'table jungle' to eat his breakfast. He feels the love too.

Plant love might be a huge trend right now but growing and nurturing plants is as old as the hills and we're learning how to make it work for our spaces. I think they are good for my soul and I love the way they make my space feel alive. They are with me for life now.

I've chosen these follows and hashtags because despite their difference in style they all have things in common; great photography, collected and created content, strong visual stories (some big projects and some down to earth, everyday ideas). Some are photographers, some plant stores, some makers and some are people with a plant story to tell.

There are some products on here, but I don't sell them and I'm not endorsing any other business. It's all just stuff that I found that I like. Hope you do to. Happy scrolling!



For a personal, fun and visual account of a house plant newbie starting her journey with plants.. Lots of home, family life and plant inspiration. Photocredit @cleverbloom



For beautiful, minimal plant photography and styling. From Perth. Fresh, white clean backdrop where the green is the hero. Grid goals right here. Photocredit @houseplantstore



For beautiful detailed, curated photography and lush green close-ups.  So many shades of green. Photocredit @sweetlittledeaths 




For Slow, mindful observations. From photographer Janneke Luursema. Photocredit @still___ 



For flowers and fresh spring.



For modern embroidery inspired by mid-century style. Interior design trends and house plants in super sweet compositions with stitching that will blow your mind. Photocredit @sarahkbenning




For illustrations and colour studies. Florida artist Jenny Kiker's feed features beautiful photos of her illustrations, colour studies and the plants that inspired them. Photocredit @livingpattern



For feel good plant lovers. House plant, interiors and lifestyle inspiration. @hipaholic



For a magic photographic journal.  Magnus and India are photographers based in Sheffield. Their feed is an online photo album and record of their travels, experiences and photographic commissions. Photocredit @haarkon_





Written by Caroline, Founder of The Every Space