Best plants for your bathroom

We love our days spent in the shop talking with customers about plants. From the complete beginners to the well informed collectors, there is always lots of plant chat.

‘I really like plants but I don’t know what would work in my space.’

Let’s come clean about this. We’ve all killed plants. But if we keep in mind the environment where our plants would have originally grown and the conditions they like the best, then we greatly improve our chances of keeping them happy. To help you get to grips with this, over the next few blog posts we’ll be sharing our ideas for the best plants for different situations.

We‘re kicking off with the bathroom, as it’s one of the rooms which we get the most questions about. There’s something wonderful about having a soak in the bath surrounded by a green jungle, connecting with nature while you unwind and relax.

The bathroom provides a warm, damp atmosphere that some plants flourish in. Plants that are native to hot, humid climates are perfect for filling the spaces on your bathroom windowsills and shelves - here are our fave picks for injecting some greenery into your space, and how to properly care for them.


#1 Asparagus Fern

{Asparagus Setaceus}

The fluffy asparagus fern is a surprising member of the lily family, and the fine feathery leaves are perfectly suited to a damp environment. Its peculiar name comes from the appearance of the new emerging shoots resembling asparagus - and despite its soft appearance, there are tiny thorns hidden in the foliage.

Plant care

Caring for an asparagus fern is relatively easy, as they’re well adapted to shady, humid atmospheres. They prefer indirect, dappled sunlight and regular misting - though keeping them in a steamy bathroom will do all the misting for you. Asparagus ferns don’t mind a tight squeeze, and like to be kept in compact pots filled with loose, well-draining soil. If your fern starts to take over the pot after a few years, divide it up into smaller sections and replant them back into smaller pots.

Common problems

Spotted that your fern is drooping and turning brown? If in doubt, ferns most often look withered when they haven’t had enough water, so keep them well hydrated. Misting the leaves helps create humidity.

We love them because…

We’re obsessed with its lacy, delicate and rich green foliage.


#2 Aloe Vera

{Aloe Barbadensis}

A firm favourite member of the succulent species, you can’t go wrong with an aloe vera. The tough, durable plant has a striking spiked appearance, but the real magic lies in its incredible health and therapeutic powers. The gel extracted from the leaves is cooling, soothing and moisturising, and can be used on the skin or ingested - in Ancient Egypt, they even referred to the aloe as the ‘plant of immortality’.

The perfect spot

Aloe vera plants love toasty warm environments, so a light airy space (not bright constant sunlight) would be their ideal home. Like cacti, they retain lots of water in their leaves, so their soil needs to be kept lightly hydrated but not swamped so much that they drown. A bathroom windowsill would be a perfect location to pop an aloe plant - you can then use their healing gel as part of your skincare routine, too.

You need to know

Aloe grow fast and the leaves can become heavy so choose your pot to accommodate it’s growth and be prepared to repot it when it gets large. The mother plant will grow pups as part of it’s growth cycle which are easily removed and repotted. Ta Dah! A whole new family.

We love them because…

From a facial cleanser to a cooling aftersun moisturiser, we love the unique, magical properties that aloe vera plants possess.


Mistletoe Cactus

{Rhipsalis baccifera}

The mistletoe cactus is another member of the wonderful succulent family - though in appearance, it looks nothing like the cactus. The cactus has pencil-like stems that drop and cascade down, making it the perfect hanging plant to liven up your bathroom. The plant originates from the rainforest of South America, so thrives in hot and humid spaces.

A happy spot

The mistletoe cactus loves a bit of sunshine, but too much direct prolonged sunlight will burn them. They also dislike their soil becoming completely dry - to avoid that, sprinkle them with water little and often, and ensure their soil can drain to stop too much water becoming trapped. A steamy bathroom mirrors their native rainforest environment, so when cared for properly, a mistletoe cactus should flourish.

We love this because…

Hanging plants are a unique, aesthetic way to add vertical greenery to your space and create a focal point in any room. The mistletoe cactus’ cascading green branches make them the perfect hanging plant for any bathroom.



Ivy has impressive air purifying qualities that are perfect for cleansing the air in your bathroom, and it thrives in high humidity levels.

Snake plant, or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is a hardy and durable option for those that are new to caring for houseplants, as it survives in most light and humidity levels.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, hang some fresh eucalyptus from your shower head - the steam from your shower releases the natural essential oils, acting as a natural decongestant and mood-enhancer.

Written in collaboration with Mollie Carberry

Caroline Johnston