DOT Vol. 8 The Space Issue

DOT Vol. 8 The Space Issue


DOT is taking his little readers on a trip to SPACE! There we will learn about planets, the Moon, the Sun and stars. We discover what it takes to fly in a rocket and we even show you how to build one!

Age range: Pre-schoolers DOT Magazine is a quarterly print magazine aimed at boys & girls aged 5 and under. DOT is ad-free and distributed through bookshops, kids boutiques, school libraries, and the newsstands.

Parents and educators have been asking me for years to produce a quality magazine for a younger audience. And with a market over-crowded with dumbed down, purposeless and poorly designed magazines, I felt this was the right time to launch DOT.

DOT is here to teach, inspire and provide plenty of hours of intelligent fun at the same time. Cathy Olmedillas, Founding Editor.

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