Anorak Vol. 44 The World Issue

Anorak Vol. 44 The World Issue


This issue celebrates OUR WORLD and all the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. There is a special visit from Miss Zonk, a friendly alien, whose space ship very fortunately landed on Anorak Towers' roofs and there is the opportunity to show her around our blue planet.

Pay a visit to the Rain Museum, tell the story of a Girl in the Tower, discover what crazy news the newspaper Silly World News has in store and even learn how to make a telescope!


Anorak Magazine, the happy mag for kids is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old.

The Anorak Press is an independent kids publishing house established in 2006 by Cathy Olmedillas, formerly of 90s lifestyle bibles The Face and Sleazenation.

"At Anorak, we are very proud of producing printed magazines on REAL (recycled) paper with REAL (vegetable) ink. It makes them smell nice and it is at the heart of our commitment to provide kids with a calm, immersive, fun piece of culture. Unlike magazines of today, neither of our publications are throw away titles. Just like much loved children's magazines and annuals of the past they are designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited.

The Anorak Press' main philosophy is to encourage children to tap into their imagination, use their creativity to learn and is here to amplify their voices. It has at the core of its offering a passion for words and images that challenge and stimulate. On the back of Anorak's success, The Anorak Press launched a series of high quality activity books, colouring books and hardback books as well as an illustration collective, Studio Anorak, which works with museums, brands and cultural associations to create fun pieces of communications aimed at creative families."

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