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Lab Tonica

Fend Herbal Tea Infusion with Echinacea & Elderberries

Fend Herbal Tea Infusion with Echinacea & Elderberries

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15 bags of boosting tea by Lab Tonica. A fortifying fusion of healing herbs to help strengthen your natural defences. Drink in the goodness.

Premium cuts of elderberries, echinacea, hibiscus, elderflowers, rosehips, raspberry, lemon balm, nettle and calendula petals.

Infuse the tea bag in water just off the boil for 3-5 minutes. For an extra kick, cover the cup with a saucer whilst it brews, then inhale the aromatic vapours as you sip.

We think plastic is trashy that’s why our tea bags and inner bags are biodegradable and made from plants. Just pop them in the compost once you’re done and let the goodness sink back into the earth.

Elderberries (25%), Hibiscus (18%), Elderflower (17%), Rosehip (12%), Freeze-dried Raspberry (8%), Echinacea Root (6%), Lemon Balm (6%), Nettle (6%), Calendula Petals (2%) 30g
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