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Hello Sweet Cheeks Print by Honey Island Studio

Hello Sweet Cheeks Print by Honey Island Studio

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Add some humour to your loo with this fun art print by Honey Island Studio. Hang in your bathroom and let the lady in the red coat remind you of life's little moments. A diamond ring? Nah, who needs that when you've got the most essential treasure within reach?

A3 unframed,

Honey Island Studio is based in Southern California, and channels her creativity from her home studio. With a background in footwear design, she seamlessly incorporates her keen understanding of fashion trends into her work. Drawing inspiration from vintage fashion, music, and travel, her designs exude a unique and vibrant style. Inviting viewers on a visual journey, her innovative approach and funky aesthetic come together seamlessly, creating visually captivating pieces. During her free time, Camilla can often be found in antique shops or flea markets, strolling with her vintage film camera. She loves immersing herself in live performances, and enjoying a good day at the beach while nourishing her artistic spirit and finding balance in her life.

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