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Jukes Cordialities

Jukes 1 - The 'White' - Luxury Box

Jukes 1 - The 'White' - Luxury Box

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Jukes 1 - The 'White' is organic apple cider vinegar-based, centred around a citrus and herb theme, uplifting, clean, bright and dry

- 0.0% alcohol

- Mix with water to enjoy, 1 bottle makes approximately two 125ml glasses

- 9 x 1fl oz bottles in a box

- Less than 18kcal, 3g of sugar per drink

- All natural ingredients: deeply tasty and healthy

Designed to be mixed with still, sparkling or tonic water. Highly versatile either as a wine replacement or mocktail, mixing suggestions come in the box.

Small bottle concentrate format allows customers to 'take Jukes with them' when going out or travelling.

Loved by 'moderating drinkers'.

Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, peach, cucumber, plum, apple, pineapple.

Tasting notes: Built on a theme of peach blossom, refreshing cucumber, top quality plums, tart apples and pineapple husk, this is a fragrant drink with a full flavor on the palate and a long, tart, lemon zest-tinged finish.

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