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Jukes Cordialities

Jukes 8 - The Sparkling Rosé - Box of 4

Jukes 8 - The Sparkling Rosé - Box of 4

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Jukes 8 - The Sparkling Rosé is an organic apple cider vinegar-based drink, perfumed and refreshing, with a dry finish, reminiscent of a Provençal flavour. 0.0% alcohol, with all natural ingredients: deeply tasty and healthy .

Ready to drink format, just chill in the fridge, pop and pour!

Tasting notes: The main flavour thrust is based on melon, pear, rhubarb and apple, with vegetables and other herbs and spices that contribute to impact and detail.

The palate is super-sleek, firmly dry and very long. 

4 x 250ml cans - Less than 18kcal, 3g of sugar per drink

Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, watermelon, cucumber, pear, melon, raspberries, apple, rhubarb.


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