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The Langley Sprinkler Houseplant Set in Sage & Brass

The Langley Sprinkler Houseplant Set in Sage & Brass

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This excellent pairing of the Langley Sprinkler and Smethwick Spritzer is the perfect starter kit to get you growing! The Langley Sprinkler is a wonderfully diverse can for use in every area of the garden or home. From planting seeds to potting houseplants, the Langley can do it all. This set also makes a great gift for the little horticulturalists in your life. 

Paired with the splendid Smethwick Spritzer that delivers a fine mist to your tropical houseplants and brings a touch of gleaming elegance to your space. It is ideal for tending to your terrariums and orchids. It gently maintains their humidity while keeping their leaves dust-free. 

Untreated metal products, such as this one, will develop a patina with age.  If your product starts to develop mottled surface spots, and you don’t like them, a quick polish will restore its original shine. 

This set includes:

The Langley Sprinkler sage - One Pint 

The Smethwick Spritzer Brass - Half Pint 


  • Plastic | 1 Pint

  • 30.5 x 12 x 12 cm


  • 0.8 kg

  • Removable Round Fine Spray Rose

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