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Nina II Hoops in Off-White

Nina II Hoops in Off-White

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Small abstract flower charms made from 100% recycled acrylic which is handmade in-house. 

Photographed on 19mm 14k gold-filled hoops.

The materials for this collection were inspired by a mission to recycle and reuse Wolf&Moon acrylic offcuts, and find a use for surplus material found in their workshop. Due to this process, all pieces are made in small batches.

• Original W&M design
• 100% recycled acrylic  
• Lightweight - 1.4g with hoops
• Optional 14k gold-filled hoops can be worn separately
• Made in England
• Beautifully handcrafted

Model image does not show accurate colour, only style and dimensions. 

Acrylic pattern will vary between pieces. 

Designed & handmade in their London studio.


100% recycled acrylic, 14k gold-filled or sterling silver hoops (optional).

Gold-filled is a thick layer of gold mechanically bonded over jewellers' brass. It is a high quality and affordable alternative to solid gold. Gold-filled is thicker and much more hard wearing than gold-plating, and can last 10+ years with daily wear.

All metal that touches the skin is nickel-free.


Charms are between 2cm x 1.8cm with a weight of 0.8g without hoop, 1.4g with hoop.

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