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Ottollenghi X Serax Sicily 03 Vase

Ottollenghi X Serax Sicily 03 Vase

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The creative collaboration between celebrated British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi and his good friend, artist Ivo Bisignano, led this time to four exuberant hand-painted ceramic vases.

With the Sicily vase collection, they journey from the table to the outside. ‘In Sicily, where I grew up, you eat at the kitchen table while enjoying the view of the colourful balconies with their magnificent flowers’, says Ivo Bisignano.

Sicily captures Ottolenghi’s exuberant cooking style and is simultaneously an ode to the sun, colours and passion of Bisignano’s birthplace.

Material: stoneware

Height (cm) 52

Length (cm) 26

Width (cm) 17

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