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Peperomia polybotota Raindrop

Peperomia polybotota Raindrop

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Light: Place near the window for optimum growth, but avoid hot south facing exposures.

Humidity: Normal household humidity is adequate.

Water: The succulent-like leaves of Peperomia polybotrya retain water so your plant only needs water when the soil is almost dry. The leaves can give you a clue to the frequency of watering. They will feel softer and a slightly dehydrated when the plant is thirsty.

Soil: Naturally an epiphyte, Peperomia polybotrya prefers a free-draining potting medium.

Temp: Above 15ºC

Propagating: Propagate through stem cuttings in water or soil. Leaf cuttings into soil are also very successful.

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