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Darkroom Chocolate

Bean To Bar Dark Chocolate Sierra Leone 70%

Bean To Bar Dark Chocolate Sierra Leone 70%

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Darkroom Chocolate makes naturally delicious dark chocolate from just two ingredients - cacao & sugar.

The 70% Sierra Leone chocolate bar is ranked as MALTY and feels deep, cosy and toasty.

Darkroom Chocolate source incredible organic raw cacao from speciality farms who nurture amazingly flavourful beans.

And when the beans arrive at the Darkroom bakery, they lightly roast them to preserve the unique character of each origin, before stone-grinding them into a smooth paste.


2 INGREDIENT: single-origin cacao, sugar. 

SINGLE ORIGIN CACAO: ethically sourced from the Village Hope Social Enterprise, in the Kailahun region of Sierra Leone.

ALLERGENS: none, but made in thier Norfolk bakery which handles nuts & gluten.


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