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Wood Street Coffee

Coffee Seasonal Espresso Brazil

Coffee Seasonal Espresso Brazil

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A freshly roasted, carbon neutral bag, of ground seasonal espresso coffee by Wood St Coffee Roasters. 250g bag.

  • Region: Brazil

  • Suitable for all brew methods

  • Varieties: Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Catuai, Catucai, Arara, Paraiso

  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Citrus Fruits

This is the foundation of their coffee range and works great with milk-based or black drinks. It has been developed to make brewing easy for anyone who loves coffee, from beginner to barista.

Brazilian coffee has historically been viewed as a blending component with other origins but has diverse flavour profiles, which makes it ideal for a single origin roasts too.

Caixa de Frutas (Fruit Box) is a blend of prominent Brazilian varieties from 12 producers in Minas Gerais. Volcafe have worked with their exporting partner, Cocatrel, to create this regional blend with fruitiness in mind. Producers have delivered coffee to be processed at Carmo de Cachoeira, where the cherries are fermented in static boxes, hence the name.

This method of natural processing imparts a lot of fruit on the coffee and you will notice this bursts with citrus acidity when black, which mellows out with milk to leave a lingering chocolatey and nutty aftertaste.


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