Chinese Money Plant | Pilea peperomioides

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Natural habitat: Pilea peperomioides are native to chinese mountain ranges and shaded forest areas in southwest China.

Varieties:  Pilea peperomioides are part of the Pilea genus which contains more than 600 different species.

Light: Pilea like bright, indirect light, avoiding direct sun which would burn their leaves. The shape of the plant will follow the light so it is important to rotate it from time to time to get an even growth.

Humidity: Pilea are not very needy in terms of humidity. However, when the heaters are on in winter, you should put your Pilea on a pebble tray or mist it occasionally.

Water: Water when the top 2 inches of the soil are dry. The leaves will droop a bit more than usual when the plant is thirsty and it is time to water. Pilea peperomioides are very sensitive to being overwatered or kept damp therefore you shouldn’t let your plant sit in water. If you had an overwatering accident, you should aerate the soil and let it dry, or repot your pilea

Soil: Well-draining houseplant soil (add perlite or coco coir to the soil if needed).

Temp: Pilea are most happy in a warm environment (15 to 30 Celsius degrees).

Repotting: Pilea don’t need to be repotted often. If the roots are growing out of the pot, you can repot your plant in a slightly bigger pot, preferably in spring.

Propagating: Pilea produce a lot of baby pups. Cut the stem when there are at least 3 leaves on the pup and plant it in a small pot filled with soil or in water. You can put a cloche on top of the pot for a few weeks to help the root system develop.

Fertilising: Every month in spring/summer with a general houseplant fertiliser diluted in water.

Along with Pilea peperomioides, you can regularly find Pilea peperomioides ‘Mojito’ (a variegated variety of Pilea peperomioides) in the Every Space plant shop.

Photo by feey on Unsplash
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