Sansevieria | Snake Plant

Perfect for: Beginners, shady spots, forgetful waterers

Natural habitat: Snake plants are native to arid regions (South Asia, Africa, Madagascar).

Varieties:  There are different types of Sansevieria with various leaf shapes and colours


Light: Snake plants can tolerate a great range of light, including a bit of direct sun or shady corners. They thrive in bright, indirect light.

Humidity: As they are growing in arid regions, Sansevieria prefer a dry environment.

Water: Water once every few weeks, a bit less in the winter. Let the soil mostly dry out between waterings as snake plants don’t do well if they get soggy feet. Take into account the level of light the plant gets - the less light, the less water the plant will use.

Soil: Well-draining houseplant soil (add perlite or coco coir to the soil if needed).

Temp: Snake plants will do best in a warm environment and would suffer if exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

Repotting: Sansevieria like to be squished in their pots. If there are some roots creeping out of the pot, you can repot your plant in a slightly bigger pot, preferably in spring.

Propagating: Snake plants are easy to propagate: cut off a healthy leaf near its base and place it in a jar of water or in a pot with soil (in that case, let the leaf dry a day or two before putting it in the soil). The cuttings will grow roots and new pups within a few weeks. You can also dig out a leaf pup and replant it in a small pot.

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