Zamioculcas zamiifolia | ZZ Plant

Did you know?

ZZ plants are the plant beginner’s best friend! They’ll survive months of neglect (underwatering) but will not tolerate overwatering.

Perfect for: Neglectful plant parents.

ZZ plant care tips cover

Natural habitat: Zamioculcas zamiifolia are found in rocky and arid areas of eastern Africa

Varieties:  Along with the famous ‘Zenzi’ ZZ (bright green leaves), there’s also the ‘Raven’ ZZ (dark leaves).

Light: ZZ will thrive in bright, indirect light but will also tolerate low light.

Humidity: ZZ will do fine in the average indoor humidity level.

Water: Let the soil completely dry out between waterings. ZZ are used to being in arid environments therefore will do better with under watering than overwatering.

Soil: Well-draining houseplant soil (that contains perlite or coco coir).

Temp: ZZ do well in temp. between 16-24 C. They will suffer in cold temperatures (under 5 C.)

Repotting: ZZ can be repotted in spring/early summer in a slightly larger pot. ZZ are slow growers so they don’t need to be repotted often- once every couple of years is usually enough

Propagating: ZZ can be propagated through cuttings. Cut off a section (about 6 inches) of a mature stem and put the stem in a tall glass of water. Change the water every week. When the roots are over an inch long, transplant to a pot with well-draining soil.

Fertilising: ZZ do not need to be fertilised often. You can use a regular houseplant fertiliser once or twice a year in summer months.

Common problems: 

mushy brown stalks =overwatering

  • yellow or dropping leaves= overwatering

  • dry crispy tips or wrinkled leaves= under watering, dry air 

You can regularly find small, medium, and big ‘Zenzi’ or ‘Raven’ ZZ in the Every Space plant shop.

Good to know: Toxic to pets

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