Collection: Quinton & Chadwick

Caring for your knitwear

We hope your Quinton Chadwick jumper will be loved for many years. As Wool is naturally odour resistant it doesn't require much washing. However very occasional hand washing and de-piling will reinvigorate the fibres and ensure a long life, making your sweater a truly sustainable purchase. 

We strongly advise AGAINST machine washing your garment! Dry cleaning is the safest method or dab with a sponge and steam clean. Pilling or bobbling occurs naturally on jumpers due to friction when worn. There are many laundress videos on YouTube or google that you can use as a guide.

If hand washing take a look at our method below:

  1. Submerge jumper in cold water and soak with NO agitation

  2. Use a very MILD detergent and rinse in cold water

  3. Wring out water by rolling in a towel

  4. Dry flat away from direct heat

  5. A light steam without placing the iron directly on the fibres

  6. When dry to remove bobbles use a sweater stone, sweater comb or a lint removing roller.

We are unable to take responsibility or accept returns for garments and accessories that have become shrunk or distorted as a result of incorrect washing. 

We hope your purchase will be loved for many years!