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Bergs Potter

Daisy Pot in Glazed Green

Daisy Pot in Glazed Green

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Daisy Flower Pot is handmade in Tuscany. The clay is always of high quality and the pot is glazed by hand.

Glazed inside and out.

Plant not included. Indoor use.


"North of Rome in the Lazio region rests the small town of Di Bolsena, a place once filled with potters and the home of Roberto Rosso, one of Italy’s greatest potters. Inspired by ancient Greek designs, Rosso created pottery with distinctive clay borders, a popular feature throughout the 1800s. Fascinated by the idea of a decorative rim, Steffen Berg created our Helena Pot with the remarkable scalloped border to acquire a soft yet classic-looking flowerpot. Today, our Italian potters pay homage to Rosso’s masterpiece every time a new Helena Pot is moulded".

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