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Anthurium andreanum | Success Red

Anthurium andreanum | Success Red

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Anthurium’s are very easy to look after and need very little attention to keep them looking beautiful for a long time. 

Light: Likes a bright spot out of full sun.

Water: About once a week, maybe more in summer if it very warm.

Flowering: Produces new flowers throughout the year in a 3 month cycle.

To encourage flowering, move to a lighter spot, water no more often than once a week and give a little extra plant feed. Deadhead spent blooms as and when necesaary.

In early spring cease plant feed for six weeks or so and reduce watering. As it gets warmer and sunnier, you can increase both water and food again.

12ø 45cm tall

Your plant won’t be exactly that pictured as all plants are different. Decorative pot not included.

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