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Recycled Cotton Apron in Black

Recycled Cotton Apron in Black

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The Apron is made from 100% recycled cotton yarn and is woven on a traditional handloom. It is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious foodie, hobby cook or chef.

The apron is part of Social Gifts: By purchasing those you support a social and sustainable cause. The apron comes in a gift box with space for you to add a special and personalised message.

95 x 80 cm

Materials & Production

Recycled Textile

Made from waste – environmentally friendly produced

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester

  • Waste textile from garment manufacturers Bangladesh

  • 1 kg saves (compared to equivalent)

    • 7,4 kg of CO2

    • 6 litres water

    • 82 m2 land used

    • 7,1 kg terrestrial ecotoxicity

  • No additional dyes

  • Handwoven

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