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Beeswax Egg Candle Decorating Kit - Set of 3

Beeswax Egg Candle Decorating Kit - Set of 3

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Immerse yourself in the creative world of Beeswax Egg Candle Decorating, where each candle becomes a unique piece of art!

Suitable for all ages, this crafting experience goes beyond a simple activity, offering a hands-on and enjoyable process.

What's Included: - 3 Beeswax egg candles - 6 Decorative wax sheets in various colours

Step-by-Step Instructions: The Toadstool Design: 1. Use the scissors to circles circles from the red decorating wax sheets. 2. Gently divide each circle to create caps for your toadstools. 3. Sculpt stems using white modelling wax. 4. Place the toadstool caps on your egg candles and press gently to secure. 5. Add small pieces of white modelling wax to the caps for additional detailing. Experience the creativity with Goldrick's Beeswax Egg Candle Decorating Kit, where each candle tells its own story in the warm glow of beeswax brilliance.

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