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LB Laursen

Coffee Funnel | Sand Dunes

Coffee Funnel | Sand Dunes

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The LB Laursen ceramic coffee funnel brews coffee through a process of percolation that involves water passing through a bed of ground coffee and extracting flavour along the way.

Stylish and portable, the coffee funnel is a cup-like piece of equipment that can be placed on top of a cup or jug, which will catch the filtered coffee. A filter is placed into the cone body of the dripper and ground coffee is placed onto the filter. Pour in your hot water and wait for the drip drip drip of your coffee filtering into your mug. This quick and easy process creates delicious, fresh and aromatic coffees.

Dimensions: W: 10,5 H: 9,5 L: 13,5 cm

Material: Stone ware

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