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Deer Harbour Design

Sloth Felt Finger Puppet

Sloth Felt Finger Puppet

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Introducing the Sleepy Sloth Finger Puppet, a relaxed companion for imaginative journeys. Envision a contented sloth embodying the art of chilling, adding a touch of tranquility to your creative moments. Engage in imaginative play and storytelling, unwinding through every adventure.

Suitable for all ages, it brings a sense of calm and imaginative escapades to life.

The Deer Harbour Design Finger Puppets are a must-have for your child's playtime. Made from soft and durable felt material, this handmade puppet is easy to wear and manipulate on your finger, providing hours of imaginative fun for kids.

The bright and bold colour design is perfect for sensory skill development, while its small and lightweight size makes it ideal for on-the-go entertainment. Encourage creativity and motor skills with this charming Finger Puppet that's perfect for children of all ages.

Material: 100% wool - needle felted

Designed in Florida

Handmade in Nepal 

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