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The Every Space

House Plant Care Bundle by The Every Space

House Plant Care Bundle by The Every Space

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Our all natural houseplant care bundle includes all the essentials you need for everyday plant care; Potting medium, pest control and plant food.

Save 20% compared to individual product prices.

1x Coconut coir block to make your own peat free compost.
1x Natural Insecticide soap for house plants 500ml
1x House plant Focus plant food 300ml
Coconut coir block:
Coconut coir is a more sustainable alternative to peat in potting compost.
This block makes approx 8L of compost when hydrated.Mix with 1/3 perlite for a regular house plant potting mix.Block approx 20x10x5cm.Instructions for use:Soak in tepid water. Whole block takes about 6L of water but exact amount may vary.
It’s not necessary to rehydrate the whole block as it stores well if kept dry.

Insecticide soap:
Spray this soap solution onto your houseplants to banish pests such as whitefly, thrips, spider mites and mealy bugs.
Repeat every week as necessary.500ml in an amber glass bottle with spray nozzle.Please bring your bottle back to the shop for a free refill.
Contains: Natural certified organic castile soap and distilled water. Fragrance free.

House plant focus:
A carefully balanced formula with nutrients, it is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts and is enriched with concentrated organic plant acids and pure extracts of kelp. It is urea free.
It is easy to use. Simply mix Houseplant Focus with clean water at 5 ml (one teaspoon) per litre and use weekly – or with every watering - for feeding houseplants at all stages of growth. At half strength (5 ml per two litres), it is also ideal for seedlings and young plants.
Makes 60L

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