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Rock and Ruby

'Josie' Pink Rose Wool Socks

'Josie' Pink Rose Wool Socks

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Pink Rose Josie are luxurious women’s wool socks ready for whatever the day throws at you. Featuring a bold design using three colour-twist wool yarns with a contrasting heel and toe, this style works well with both smart and casual looks.


Made from premium-quality, sustainably-sourced wool, the Josie women’s wool socks are great worn all year round. The wool keeps your feet warm in winter, and in summer it has high-wicking quality properties to ensure your feet stay dry and cool in the sunshine. And the best part? Wool is a natural and renewable resource - so they’re kinder to the planet, too.  

Nylon is added to the blend for comfort and longevity.

Branded with the Rock + Ruby logo.


80% Wool

20% Nylon


One size fits most 

UK 4-7


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