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Halen Môn

Sea Salt ‘Pinch Me’ Tin

Sea Salt ‘Pinch Me’ Tin

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A ridiculously cute tin that’s also rather useful. Filled with just more than a pinch of Halen Môn's Pure Sea Salt.

The best things in life are beautiful and useful.

  • Pop it in your picnic hamper
  • Keep it in your handbag
  • Add it to your lunchbox
  • Give someone you love a taste of Ynys Môn

Kosher. Soil Association Approved product.

Measures approx. 5cm x 2.5cm.

Halen Môn celebrates quality and the incredible isle of Anglesey. Halen Môn exists because of the incredible natural resources, so it makes sense that sustainability has always been at their very core. 

Alison and David made the very first batch of Halen Môn sea salt on their old aga in 1997.  Since then, they have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Sustainability, supplied everyone from Selfridges to Green and Black’s chocolate, and even gained Protected Designation of Origin status for their sea salt. Halen Môn products can now be found in more than twenty countries around the world.

Some things remain unchanged: they make ingredients the long, delicious, proper way, and don’t take shortcuts.


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