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Whoopee Cushion - Self Inflating

Whoopee Cushion - Self Inflating

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Play a classic prank on someone you know with the 'it-never-gets-old' whoopee cushion!

For anyone who doesn't know, a whoopee cushion is a novelty item designed to create a humorous and often embarrassing sound when someone sits or applies pressure on it. 

Place on a chair or seat, and when an unsuspecting person sits down, they are met with a surprising and humorous noise, which can lead to laughter and amusement among those present.

Comes in a gift box making it a great present for a work colleague or that special joker you know.

Play a classic prank on someone you know! Dimensions | H: 17cm x W: 13.2cm x D: 4.2cm (50g) Designed In Cornwall | From the Traditional Toy Company collection by CGB Giftware | Item No: GB07142

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