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South West Carnivorous Plants

Venus Flytrap – Dionaea muscipula

Venus Flytrap – Dionaea muscipula

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The Venus Flytrap – Dionaea muscipula – is very variable but generally has green traps with red inside the trap from a slight blush to a deep red. Traps are produced during the growing season with taller more upright traps growing in the summer. Trap size does vary from 1-4 cm.

Pot 12cm diameter.

The captivating Venus Flytrap is a marvel of nature that adds a touch of intrigue to any plant collection. This extraordinary carnivorous plant is not your typical flora—it’s a botanical predator that lures and captures its prey with mesmerizing traps.

Imagine owning a piece of the wild right in your own home. The Venus Flytrap’s distinctive appearance, with its toothed, jaw-like leaves, is a conversation starter. Its vibrant green color and intricate traps make it a unique and fascinating addition to your indoor garden.

Care for this carnivorous companion is surprisingly simple. Place it in a sunny spot, and watch as it thrives on a diet of insects. Dionaea muscipula is a self-sufficient wonder, showcasing nature’s ingenuity in a compact package. No green thumb required—just rainwater, sun and a sense of wonder and appreciation for the extraordinary.

The Venus Flytrap is not just a plant; it’s a living spectacle that will capture your imagination and keep you entranced by the wonders of the botanical kingdom. Welcome the wild into your home and let the Venus Flytrap be the star of your botanical collection.

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